No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 158 is live!

Welcome to Show 158!

No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 158 is live and can be heard here and on Itunes.

Join us as we discuss the subjects below.  This week Chris looks for the manly size economy 55 gallon drum shampoo. Julie spreads parkour on her sandwich. Fran leaps through fire to stop being hooked on a feeling.

  1. Pre-order Rot – how do we get it to continue?
  2. Day 1 DLC
  3. Nintendo goes mobile and stops whale hunting (article)
  4. Starmade  – Minecraft and Eve Online in outer space
  5. Grand Theft Auto – the movie
  6. Ubisoft Learned their lessons – Victorian Assassins
  7. Zero Punctuation does Sim City – snark of the highest order
  8. Triple A changing the way they don’t listen to consumers – the industry has changed the way they do business – has it made a difference?
  9. OMFG – Operation Make Faster Game


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