Minecraft Revolution

Ups and Down Proving Grounds

The Omega Troll

  Garrisons are  now so well appointed that a player at the level cap with a finished garrison never has a reason to leave it.  As a result I am finding Azeroth’s cities are empty.  The garrison building has been great fun – like Sims with attitude.  But I miss seeing players in the cities….

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

And the election results are in…

No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 148 is live

    No  Prisoners, No Mercy Show 148 is live – you can listen to it here. Welcome to Show 148, This time out we welcome Slunker and Chris from 2Lasy2BOtaku and the resulting combination is a show filled with fun and laughter. The subjects this time out are as follows: Final Fantasy 14  -…

Obscure Relative Day

  It’s obscure relative day over at  Final Fantasy 14: a realm reborn.  Having finally managed to get the game working I have discovered on important difference between Square Enix and Valve.  Mind you Steam Support did originally refer to met to Square Enix and  Square Enix in turn referred me right back to Steam…