World War “V”

“Villagers can reproduce but only if they are willing” – Mojang


Wow, who’s bright idea was this.  I am now faced with the Minecraft version of World War Z – let’s call it “World War V”.


Being a fan of the Phillip Jose’ Farmer series entitled “Riverworld” I decided to create a small version of my own, in Minecraft.  The idea came from a world  that was randomly generated one day that had a long river running through it.  I suppose I could have just as well called it “Amazon World” or something like that.  There was a village at one end of the river.  I traveled down to the coast and built a small mining community at the owner end of the river. And then I connected the two with a railroad.  I built tunnels and trestle bridges. It was a mighty work. In my spare time it took months.   Having lived in Asia for a year and a half I decided to continue my River World with an Asian theme. Before long I had to Asian themed village at opposite ends of the river.  At the pinnacle of the main village I built a Japanese castle.

Then came Minecraft Pocket Edition and update 12.1.

Initially I was excited for this update because it brought the Nether to Pocket Edition.  I didn’t know that the phrase “If they are willing” would, in reality, translate into villagers who are so fast and loose that they would soon overrun the world. I logged on to work on Riverworld and notice it was lagging =  Which got progressively worse.  Soon I discovered the problem.  The villagers were reproducing at an exponential rate.  Quickly tens become hundreds, hundreds became thousands. I managed to get rid of the villagers overrunning the castle by burning it to the ground.


Then I noticed the world lagging again.


If you have seen  World War Z you will have seen the part where the zombies begin climbing each other to get over the walls.  There below me was the same scene…Thousands upon thousands of villagers.

Someone at Mojang needs a vacation…a LONG one.

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