No Prisoners, No Mercy – Show 170 is Live

Welcome to No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 170,


This time out we bring you the Star Citizen show with guest host Saylah.  Saylah, Julie and Fran bring you the flip side of what has been happening with Chris Roberts’ new game! Show links are below:


Mystic Worlds:

Mystic Worlds on SoundCloud:

Mystic Worlds on YouTube:


Star Citizen Current Game Features:

ARK Starmap:


YouTubes with good learning videos:



Tactical Advance:

No Prisoners, No Mercy – Show 169 is live

No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 169 is live and can be heard here and on Itunes. Join Chris, Steve, Julie and Fran for some fun, laughs and the lively art of conversation as they discuss the following topics: Nerf Wars the Foam Awakens Net non-neutrality: Win one for our side – taking internet providers to…

1984 All Over Again

It’s 1984 all over again - George Orwell would be proud of Microsoft.  There is an old adage that says “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”.  The last time this was told to me it was by the IT professional who fixed my computer and it was in reference to all of the updates being…

The Beginners Guide

As We Begin… To blow the dust off our website due to some very hectic times that have kept at least the majority of our staff busy, we find show 169 and 170 “in the can” and show 171 about to be recorded.  For show 171 Chris, our self labeled “regular contributor” purchased for us…

et al

What’s New? Show 168 is out with guests Dedra Stevenson and Rod Harper. Dedra is the author of the Hakima’s Tale trilogy and Rod is an author and co-founder of Blue Jinn Media. Waiting in the wings are show 169 with Chris Dodson and Steve “Slunker” Griffing and Show 170 with guest Saylah to set…

World War “V”

“Villagers can reproduce but only if they are willing” – Mojang   Wow, who’s bright idea was this.  I am now faced with the Minecraft version of World War Z – let’s call it “World War V”.   Being a fan of the Phillip Jose’ Farmer series entitled “Riverworld” I decided to create a small…