Gamer Seeks New Home

Gamer looking for new home – not the kind you live in. I am doing just fine along those fronts. More like a new home game.  There was a time, back when level 60 was the level cap in World of Warcraft (WOW), that 40 of us would get together to run Molten Core.  In Everquest II we would visit each other’s homes and show off our decorations. PVP Battlegrounds like Alterac Valley in WoW were a team activity and even when we didn’t win it we had a great time trying.  There was a time when Age of Conan was the hot new game and the starting area was jammed with people – my sister and I, who are two of the five co-hosts of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show started out as a show called “Age of Co-Nuns” for Online Gaming Radio. There was a time when Eve Online was a place I would go to look forward to regular mining expeditions with large groups of people and I didn’t have to look over my shoulder for anything but an Orca picking up ore.

Those were the days.

Ventrillo was one of the gaming channels of choice; on a week end and evenings it would be crowded with friendly players.

I miss those days. Gamer looking for new home.


Two of our team (Chris and Julie) have been playing Ark: Survival Evolved on a private server.  Julie has found that playing on a server with a few friends is much more enjoyable as compared to playing on an official pvp server and getting the snot pounded out of you. Presently the pictured T-rex is…

I see a ducky and a horsie

Every year there is an increasingly large list of remasted video games, both on console and pc.  In some cases the game is noticably improved.  But in the case of Skyrim on PC more than anything else it seems many reviewers see what they want to see. Perhaps more to the point would be what…

And at these prices you won’t get many more

This time we followed the three month rule before buying the latest DLC for Fallout 4. O.K. maybe more like the two month rule.  It seems that the Vault Tec Workshop and Nuka World DLC is the type of game content that people either love or hate.  We didn’t find the complaints about Vault Tec…

On Top of Old Smokey

  There are places in World of Warcraft (WoW) were the artwork is so good that we find ourselves pausing just to admire the view – this is not one of those times. This is one of those times that has us screaming things at the computer screen like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!” At least…

Election 2016