No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 155 is live

No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 155 is live and can be heard here and on Itunes.

Here are the topics this time out, This time out we talk about the BAFT Awards, ransomeware for gamers, and a game from the evil empire that is rated “E for Exploitive”


Topics this time out:

  1. Ransomware
  2. BAFTA Videogame Awards
  3. Chappie –  Do artificial intelligent beings have artificial souls?
  4. Stop throwing pizza’s on Walter White’s Roof
  5. Why do fans attend conventions (and why does William Shatner want you to “get a life”?
  6. Duck, duck…nuclear power plant
  7. Five Nights at Freddies
  8. The Flop (wolf) among – Tell-Tale Games versus Inkle Games
  9. Julie buys a game from the Evil Empire –  Titanfall
  10. This game rated “E” for exploitive
  11. Ed Obanon vs. NCAA and EA


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