The Best MMO – again

A post on the forums of The Older Gamers caught my eye recently. It was by a gamer who had gone mmo to mmo chasing after the latest new experience who was looking for a “home” game. How often do we all hear or read “what is the best mmo out there?”… or some version of the same question?


Earlier it was The Elder Scrolls Online. Next up was Wildstar. Now players are leaping onto the Archeage MMO.  This puts me in mind of the last time I played a TRION Worlds game it was Rift. In fact Scott Hartsman was on our podcast just before it launched. When  Rift came out I decided to wait a month or so to see if the game “had legs” and sure enough, by the time a month or two post players had game hopped again. Now I wonder if history will repeat it self with Trion’s new game.  In fact, NCSofts newest edition to the MMO marketplace, Wildstar, seemed to wane almost as fast as I could edit  our podcast about it. Now on August 14th Blizzard will announce the release date of its newest release The Warlords of Draenor.  This Fall Chris Roberts “Star Citizen” and “Eve Online” are set to Duke it out for dominance of MMO virtual space.


The thing about MMO gaming is not simply the game play but the people. That is why I joined The Older Gamers. Gamers seem to hop so much we all seem like a herd of rabbits and I am usually hopping right along with them.  Is there a solution? I don’t know. I wonder how long Triple-A development can go on like this before we start wondering if a particular mmo has legs and developers and investors begin to wonder if online gaming has legs.  At least in the short run, however, reading the latest entry over at Biobreak gives a bit of good cheer. Until Syp wrote about it, I had never heard about the Gartner Hype Cycle but it seems to fit just about every mmo out there. Perhaps this is why, no matter what game I go to, I always keep returning to World of Warcraft. There are times when I haven’t played for months on end but still return and even keep my subscription active. I think the best way I have heard anything put about this issue is what Steve Danuser had to say in his article “Into the Sunset” over at Here is the phrase grabbed my attention:


” But the love we have for MMOs isn’t about benchmarks–it’s about heart. And the game’s promise, its potential, took hold in the hearts of a core group of fans. They loved the experience despite its flaws, and found those moments of beauty to cling to. In the end, Vanguard was about community and camaraderie, about pride in overcoming adversity together. And it’s that kind of abiding passion that makes me so proud and excited to work on MMOs, because no other type of game has quite the same potential.” – Steve Danuser, Into the Sunset: Eulogy and Tribute,


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Julie Whitefeather

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