Show 162 is live

Show 162 is live and can be heard here.


When Bethesda sued Interplay over copyright violations in 2009 any  hopes of the Fallout Online MMO ever being released were crushed – sadder still is that rumors had it that the mmo was nearly finished.  It’s hard to fault Bethesda too much after the success of both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.  When Bethesda announced the release of the game at E3 this year we were delighted to find out that the game was going to be released this year (November 10, 2015).


Despite Fallout 4 being set in Boston, and Fallout 3 being set in Washington when we hear the words “Fallout” what immediately comes to mind is Fallout: New Vegas.  The moment in Fallout: New Vegas when you first walk through the gates of New Vegas as Dean Martin sings “Ain’t that a kick in the head” always brings a smile to our face as we think about the Rat Pack…or at least the later iteration with Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.  To us that was when the Rat Pack reached its pinnacle. Sinatra was the very epitome of sophistication – even to Sammy Davis Jr. who idolized him. It brings about memories of Sammy singing ee oh eleven during the original Ocean’s 11 () or Sinatra singing his signature song from Guys and Dolls, Luck be a Lady.


Still, we can’t but wonder if, in a different world, it would have been Sinatra looking up to Sammy instead of the other way around.  Even when Sammy Davis Jr. became a world famous name the hatred leveled at the man didn’t stop.  In 1957 when Sammy was involved with Kim Novak the head of Columbia Studio, Harry Cohn, had Davis kidnapped by the Mafia threatening to blind him if he didn’t marry an African American woman in 48 hours.  Even when he played Las Vegas before World War II Davis was forced to stay in Wood Shack boarding houses across town rather than at the very place he was entertainment – Sinatra, however, put an end to that. He wouldn’t let his friend suffer such indignities.  Same may point to  Sinatra’s involvement with the Chicago Mafia () but we choose to remember him for the way he treated Sammy, and remember Sammy for the way he never let other’s  hatred embitter him.


We were even fortunate to see Sammy, Frank and Dino as they performed on their last tour together in Chicago in 1988.  Davis came out on stage and ground out a cigarette on the floor of the Chicago theater and complained about everyone who told him to quit smoking – and two years later his voice was stilled but not forever.  Davis, Sammy and Dino live on  in the music they left behind.


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