No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 148 is live



No  Prisoners, No Mercy Show 148 is live – you can listen to it here.

Welcome to Show 148,

This time out we welcome Slunker and Chris from 2Lasy2BOtaku and the resulting combination is a show filled with fun and laughter. The subjects this time out are as follows:

  1. Final Fantasy 14  - Prelude
  2. Square Enix, catalogic wads, teabags and other stories
  3. Game of the week club
  4. Imitation is the sincerest  form of making a player comfortable
  5. Anime, pink police tanks, and other stories
  6. Leaving 2.5 billion on the dresser
  7. The story of the fortnight

Obscure Relative Day

  It’s obscure relative day over at  Final Fantasy 14: a realm reborn.  Having finally managed to get the game working I have discovered on important difference between Square Enix and Valve.  Mind you Steam Support did originally refer to met to Square Enix and  Square Enix in turn referred me right back to Steam…

A Realm Not Reborn

We recently recorded another show with guests Chris Dodson and Steve Griffing and the subject of the day was “Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn”.   After Square Enix has all the problems it did in the past with this product I thought “Surely the would all be straightened out” – it seems not.   The…

Done Deal

Mojang has confirmed the sale of minecraft. The price tag Microsoft dropped on the deal was 2.5 billion.  With the sale of the company founder Notch and two co-founders are leaving. How will Microsoft earn back all that money? Last year Mojang earned $326 million from Minecraft. “The vast majority–over 90 percent–of Mojang’s money came…

Step away from the game

The last Hub-bub is whether or not Mojang will actually sell Minecraft, what will happen if they do and  whether or not it is all conjecture. This post is not about that – but it is about Minecraft. Many of you have played what is called “Vanilla” Minecraft, some have even played modded Minecraft with…

They said the “B” Word

“A sale would be a surprising turn for closely held Mojang, whose 35-year-old founder, Markus Persson, has shunned outside investment and is revered in the videogame community for railing publicly against big firms, including Microsoft.” – Wallstreet Journal So the news is out that Mojang and it sounder Markus “Notch” Persson are close to selling Minecraft to Microsoft for…