The Doctor is Out (of his mind)

Doc Hyde's last patient
Doc Hyde’s last patient

The Doctor is Out…

...of his mind.

I have added another version of the whole “Mothership Zeta reloaded” for Fallout 3. The mod is available here.

As we discussed before, I have been going through the latest content from Bethesda for Fallout 3 – called “Mothership Zeta” and modifying (Moding) it.  It seemed such a shame that Bethesda create such a wonderful playground for only one questline, only to discard it completely at the end.

So I am fixing that…

This version adds “Doc Hyde” (thanks for the suggestion Fran) and his medical bay to the engineering core. The core has, of course, been cleared of all the liter left by careless humans, the alien workers have come back the their favorite bar, with Hoffa the out work union leader (the player did blow up the factory floor after all).  Fortunately Hoffa had his bartending skills to fall back on.

Doc Hyde in the new medical bay
The doctor is in.

Just down the hall from the bar,  to the left, and down a flight of stairs the players will find a new medical bay.   When the player begins the conversation with “You look familiar to me” – the doc greets them with, “Maybe I am. Have I tortured you before?”

The contents of the doc’s medical bay reflect his part time occupation as ships torture on pesky humans.  He will treat you for free but as he tells those who refuse his services:

“Call me in the morning if you aren’t dead by then.”

See you online,

Julie Whitefeather

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