Crossing Swords

Time to rattle a few cages...

Time to rattle a few cages...

Normally we don’t like to add fuel to the fire.  After all, as we have said all along there is no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity.  The exception we take is when we see a player or band of players who decide it is necessary to ruin a game for others in order for them to have fun.  And this is about an event in Eve Online that is creation of someone name “Helicity” who admits that it is about being “evil and mean spirited.”  Never the less I am constantly amazed by people who want to be “evil and mean spirited” and expect there to be no backlash.

To fill you all in back some time ago someone organized an event in Eve Online, the point of which was to gather a great number of very cheap ships in order to go out “en masse” and destroy a ship in Eve Online called a “Hulk”.   A hulk is a mining ship that takes a long time to learn to fly and quite a bit of virtual currency to purchase. Now no one here on staff has ever had the misfortune to have their Hulk blown up but that doesn’t stop us from championing a cause.

It took the person who (and we can only surmise the truth of the matter) claims to have organize the event nearly two months to respond. Normally we would have simply posted our response and left it at that.  Then it struck us how ironic it was that someone has organized an event that makes use of one “allowed game mechanic” merely because they are displeased with someone else’s use of other game mechanics – in other words, the organizer of the event doesn’t like the fact that other people don’t play the game to his or her satisfaction so he is going to either make them quit or play the game the wayhe wants.  We might also point out the incongruity of telling us our opinion doesn’t matter than making the effort to come tell us what we think about said opinion.

In short, if the organizer of the event doesn’t like the way other players play Eve Online it is he who should leave the game and leave the adults to their fun.  We will let the response by the person who claims to have organized the event (and here the word “allegedly” fits right in) and Julie’s response speak for themselves:

First a word from the “alleged perpetrator” of the event (sounds kind of like a criminal doesn’t it?):

Helicity Boson says:

December 27, 2009 at 4:40 am

Very classy, calling people that organize suicide ganks “imbeciles”.

Who is the imbecile here? The people playing outlaws that will go above and beyond the law for any sort of financial gain, or the AFK miner that is not even near his ship when he is attacked?

I understand your bias, but I would point out that EVE is marketed as a dark and dangerous place, furthermore, it’s incredibly easy -not- to get ganked while mining.

I organize hulkageddon, but I ALSO have a hulk pilot myself. Simply by being AT my computer when I mine, and observing the local channel and being ready to turn on my tank and/or warp out I have eluded two suicide ganks myself.

We are agitating against players that believe they should make large amounts of ingame money without actually being at their desk and playing the damned game. “But mining is so boring!” Well, that’s CCP’s fault, not ours.

We have destroyed hulks fitted with incredibly expensive faction tanks that would have easily weathered our attack had they been present at the keyboard; and indeed during the first hulkageddon several -active- players handily avoided death at the gankers’ hands.

As far as I can tell, your understandable bias has coloured your words, but it is a mistake to call people names for an activity they pursue within the allowed game mechanics, if that bothers you so much, then it’s just not the game for you. YOUR opinions are meaningless to what the people running the game allow/disallow.

as CCP put it: HTFU, this is now hello kitty online, this is the dark dog-eat-dog world of EVE, this is why we love it, if you can’ t take that sort of heat, then stay out of the kitchen.

And now a response from our own Julie…time to cross a few swords:

December 27, 2009 at 8:41 am 

Here we go gang…time for Julie to sharpen her ruler.

@ Helicity Boson: You are quite correct in that I should not have called “people” who organized the ganks of miners “imbeciles”. I probably should not have inferred you are in imbecile either.

After all, it’s not your fault that it took you this long to respond – we respect the fact that someone with your obvious Neaderthal-like intellect took this long to develop the ability to read. We congratulate you on developing the ability to read and taking a moment to surface to reality long enough to respond nearly two months after your bout of living off the misery of others in a feeble attempt to boost your own sagging ego.

“We have destroyed hulks fitted with incredibly expensive faction tanks…”

Why does this sound suspiciously like Hitler marching in to Poland beaming with pride at the good he has done for the world. What good do you feel you have done the world in getting together a bunch of thugs whose totaled IQ wouldn’t exceed a box of hammers so that they can work off their anger at having to shovel their moms sidewalk and actually having to come up out of the basement when their mom calls time for dinner?

You live in some pathetic fantasy world where you feel the universe rotates around you and you are somehow teaching players a “lesson” when all you are doing is trying to make up for the fact you have an inferiority complex the size of a third world nation.

Finding a way to circumvent game mechanics (for that is all that you have done here) to ruin somebody else’s participation doesn’t do anything other than point how feeble your intellect is, and how Neanderthal-like is your “we be teaching them a lesson boys…get yer ropes, yer hound dogs, and your white hoods…we is gonna have us a hanging” mentality.

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to personally tell you what a pathetic hunk of anthropomorphic swamp gunk your actions portray you as. Let’s hope you are a much better person in real life – in game you are a waste of skin.

Got anything else to say? I don’t hide behind pseudonyms. Say what you want spell the name right. That’s…



I will respect the wishes of our web master and leave comments off for this post. I would like to quote from the original website belonging to the commentor above:

“And there we have it, people blame us criminals and pretend we are not right in the head, but when you look at this… well, i guess we know where the really unhinged types hang around huh? First one to kill julie and bring me her killmail and frozen corpse will get a special prize”

It seems I have touched a nerve when I commented on the whole “Hulkageddon” fiasco.  A bounty out on my character in Eve Online? Heck that is amost worth resubbing.


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  1. Webmaster
    December 27, 2009 | 1:53 pm

    I am turning off comments, trackbacks and pingbacks to this post. While some few comments were quite lengthy more of them were descending into the level of “nyah, nyah, nyah”. To save my sanity at having to edit them all I will give Julie the responsibility at

    To the owners of the lengthy responses I apolgoize for deleting the whole shebang (yes that’s a technical IT term).

    Looking for a response? Here is what I think on the subject. While I don’t always see eye to eye with the sisters I think I side with them on this one. I don’t know any of the guys at CCP myself (although I do know someone who does). I don’t personally play Eve Online. I tried it several times and haven’t been able to get much past a month into the game. However, it is easy for someone to say “well the game allows it so we should do it.” Julie is correct about one thing, and I think this is the crux of the issue here. “Hulkageddon” is simply about a group of disgruntled players who are upset that other people don’t play the way they want. The guys at CCP can market the game as “the wild west of space” as one commentor put it, and they certainly know their own market. However, with the trend in games being toward marketing toward the casual player it seems that not taking action to prevent things like “Hulkageddon” will drive away more players than it will allow.

    Am I having the last word on the issue? Well I guess I am.

    The No Prisoners, No Mercy Webmaster