Size Doesn’t Matter

Just this afternoon an article came across our news feed from talking about a recent post by CCP developer Zymurgist soliciting support for Eve Online at the European Games Awards:

“The European Games Award is the first award exclusively for European games and is now looking for votes from gamers for the best European video and computer games. EVE Online has been nominated for best Online Game but needs your vote to win the competition. Check out what games are being nominated for here and then cast your vote for EVE Online for best online game!” – CCP Zymurgist, via

The response on the forums is a reported 27 pages long and demanded that CCP fix their game before soliciting support for an award, chief among the problems being lag.  A letter to cited in the article is typical of the players we know who are in Zero security space:

“The fact is: in December 2009, the game could support 1000 players in a single battle. In the winter 2009 expansion, performance decreased because of new features involving fleet organization. However they never rolled back the changes and instead of kept going forward with more new features that layer new problems on top of old. This cycle is to continue for the next 18 months while CCP works through their planned new feature pipeline.” – via

Mom used to talk about giving people the moon and having them demand the sun and the stars to go with it. If, on the other hand, you are going to promise people the sun the moon and the stars to begin with you had best be able to deliver on at least part of the promise. Take one look at some of the CCP trailers for their latest release and you will see hundreds of spaceships screaming across the reaches of virtual space. In reality nothing close to that is possible at this point, though there was a time when it was.

Back when gasoline was cheap and engines where big, Sister Julie owned a Cadillac. We called it “the chocolate brown god” (small G please).  It was a marvelous car with an enormous engine. The luxuries did everything but tuck you in at night.  But just like the proverbial horse shoe nail, when water pump broke it didn’t matter how luxurious the car was unless you wanted to park it in the driveway and use it for a planter.

No, the customer isn’t always right. 

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But if it IS broken don’t tell players you are working on it while you go merrily about your way worrying about being the first company to link a console game (Dust 514) and an MMO (Eve Online).  There are some things we can be patient about and some things that rub us the wrong way so fast that it would set new land speed records – poor customer service is one of them.  Not listening to your customers or dismissing what they say is the other. Unlike the common myth, size doesn’t matter.  The best customer service in the business comes from the biggest company in the business: Blizzard Entertainment.  And when it comes to listening to your customers, after the Blizzard gorilla got a good swift kick in the gnad’s over real ID, even they have learned that sometimes at least, the customer is right.

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

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