Periscope Up!

And you thought Eve Online had a steep learning curve? 

I played Eve Online for about 6 years or so before I gave it the old “heave ho” – but lately I have switched to Silent Hunter 4.  Shooting in Eve Online was always little more than wait until you enemy was in range and then roll your face over the keyboard…sort of like being a fighter in World of Warcraft (something I have also done).  But in Silent Hunter 4 it’s set the speed of the torpedo, speed and direction of the target,  set the torpedo to contact influence, set the depth, set the range, set the angle on bow…and THEN fire.   All this is complicated by trying to identify the type of ship, sometimes at night, and only by the silhouette.  In the end I am surprised that submarine captains in World War II hit anything at all.

While I have managed to take out a good deal of enemy destroyers I have also sunk two fishing boats and a life raft.

The experience of trying to learn Silent Hunter 4 has been so frustrating at times that I just surfaced the submarine pulled up to the ship and started banging away with the deck cannon (which is how the two fishing boats were sunk).

And Burt Lancaster made it look so easy in Run Silent, Run Deep.

Fortunately I have found a wonderful community dedicated to Submarine Simulations called  That, and I can still take heart in the fact that somewhere in history there is a naval captain that is worse than I am…the commander of the U.S.S. William D. Perry.  This ship, as part of a convoy transporting then then President Rooselvelt to the Yalta Summit has an astounding tale of woe associated with it (perhaps more appropriately a “comedy of errors”.  On leaving port someone forgot to pull the anchor all the way up and the William D. Perry took the railings and deck off a nearby ship.  During the voyage the U.S.S. William D. Perry nearly sunk the U.S.S. Iowa carrying the president with a depth charge and later a torpedo when the crew accidently used live charges.

This same ships crew later accidently shelled a base commanders back yard during  a garden party.  In the end the ship was sunk when they “shot down” a kamikaze pilot whose plane continued on its trajectory after hitting the water, and blew up underneath the William D. Porter.

It is no wonder than that crew of the William D. Porter has the distinction of being the only time the entire crew of a ship where arrested.


See you online,

Julie Whitefeather


Oh and yes I realize I am playing an Ubisoft game…I feel so dirty.

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