Call me Darth Whitefeather

Not having done much gaming in the last few days I decided to spend part of the weekend working my way up to level 50 in preparation for the release of Bioware’s new Legacy System in Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR).   I am sure that the devs at Bioware delayed the release of the system to bring players back after the inevitable migration that always occurs after players have hit level cap – that’s just the way of virtual tourism.  Only Bioware can tell you if the numbers are such that they have accomplished this.

What I can tell you is that it has breathed new life into the game – in preparation for the release of legacy many players are deleting old lower level characters getting ready to level up and re-roll new ones. 

As for me, I found that it was possible to finish the level 50 class quests, including the defeat of level 50 elites, at only level 48.  Perhaps it was designed by Bioware to be a bit easier to make the player feel their character is a bit more powerful (if so it worked). Perhaps I have just hit on a good combination of skills, technique and support companions.  The long and the short of it, is that you may now call me Darth Whitefeather.


See you online,

Julie Whitefeather

Side Notes

The recent turn of events at Fanfest with a member of the CSM, who goes by the moniker “The Mittani” is not just shameful and callous – it is symptomatic of what society as a whole has become and how we relate to each other.   So we felt it is important to discuss. As a result we have delayed publishing show 106 an extra day.  

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