Griefers are gonna grief

I have more common sense in my finger here, than you have in that whole, fat head of yours, punk. Now, go frag yourself.

By:  R.W. Harper

Having been level 50 for a while in Star Wars:  The Old Republic, I still find myself having plenty of story quests to do on the last couple of planets that I visited during the leveling process.  I still find myself enjoying running around, grabbing quest, completing them and rushing back to turn them in and experiencing the fantastic voice acting, in-game cinematic, quest dialog presentations.

As I finish the quest, I add a few hundred credits to my bank and pull up the map, to see where my next destination is as I wrap up the story line on this planet.  Five more quests and this planet is …

Excuse me, Doogan,” my companion Mako says.

What is it Mako?  I am trying to figure out our next move here,”  I reply.

That guy is back,” she replies as she points over at a Body Type 1, Cyborg Sith Marauder.

Yep, so it seems,”  I reply.

Indeed, she is correct, as I move in closer to a nearby fallen support structure, hoping to hide from view but the image is somewhat burned into my mind as the nearly naked avatar dances behind my companion.

The last time, this occurred, with this particular individual, it just so happened that my Jawa companion found himself on the receiving end of gyrations that are not fit to further describe.  Even then, when I asked the lewd individual to move on and respect my poor Jawa’s personal space, an unintelligible form of spewage was his reply.

“Wut?  U mad bro?”  was what Captain Underpants had to say in response.

I moved on, with my poor Jawa in-tow and Captain Underpants in pursuit.

Seems that every time I stopped, the challenged Cyborg resumed his table-dance without the aid of table.  I became annoyed.  Lucky for me, a nice group of Rebel Troopers were nearby – looking smug and in need of a fight.  I gave them one.

I issued the command to attack and with a shout of glee, Blizz went in for the fight with Captain Underpants in-tow.  Of course, the observational skills of my nearly naked stalker were about as good as those of a cave cricket, and he soon had more attention than he wanted.

He died rather quickly and then I finished off the irate, if not somewhat confused troopers.

I could have sworn I saw Blizz doing a dirty dance over the fallen griefer but it had been a long gaming session and I was tired.

So, what we gonna do about it?”  Mako asked.

I moved in closer and waved, while the griefer just danced away.  Then I sent a rocket down-range into a group of elite commandos, which loved using AOE.  I brought them over, had a little fight and when it was done, Captain Underpants laid on the ground dead again.

U mad bro?”  I said as I headed off to resume my questing.

Of course, after filing several complaints with a GM, I don’t think I have seen the little guys in a while.

The moral of the story:  Griefers are gonna grief.  Just report them and use your common sense (and the game environment when your can to aid your misery).  There’s no sense wasting words (which might get you into trouble anyway) on asshats and fools in-game.



2 Responses to Griefers are gonna grief
  1. Sr. Julie
    April 18, 2012 | 7:46 am

    Thanks for writing the story R.W. – very funny.

    This should be the quote of the week:

    “U mad bro?”

  2. Allahweh
    August 15, 2012 | 3:11 am

    I don’t know how I missed reading this thing, but it’s absolutely hilarious! :)

    I’ve done similar things in my MMO time to get rid of griefers as well, though the “U mad bro?” question is forever associated now with TOR after reading this.

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