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This week is about Pandas, the real mass effect, naughty mittans getting mad at kittens and lunar landings.   Then we welcome Sean Edwards from Shovsoft, developer of Lunar Flight, who flies us to the moon.    This time out you will find out why Fran and Julie love Duke Ellington madly! For more information go to

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Julie and Fran

Sean Edwards from Shovsoft takes us to the moon!

What is Lunar Flight? -  It is a modern take on the classic arcade game, Lunar Lander, Lunar Flight extends the experience to a fully, fictionalised Lunar Module Simulator providing a variety of mission types involving Transporting Cargo, Acquiring Data at Survey locations and locating Lost Cargo. Completing missions earns experience points and money to be used to Refuel, Repair and Upgrade the Lunar Module.

In addition to missions there are Time Trial challenges complete with Online Leader boards and a globally ranked ‘Pilots’ Leaderboard, ranked by experience.To round out the game there are a variety of Achievements to provide additional challenges and objectives.

A truly unique and challenging flight simulation experience, Lunar Flight will give you many hours of immersive, addictive & rewarding gameplay.

Lunar Flight features very atmospheric sound and visuals, creating a very immersive experience and is designed to engage the player’s senses as well as their appreciation for realistic physics. Fans of space flight will be pleased to know that it futures proper Newtonian physics behaviour and will provide one of the most authentic and dynamic space based, low gravity flight experiences they can have.

Duke Ellington We Love You Madly!

This time out you will all learn about Duke Ellington and why we love him madly!  The excerpts are introduced by the Duke Himself.

Who Duke Ellington? -  He played before Presidents. His career spanned 50 years, with Duke leading his band, composing and bring truly American music until his death in 1974.   Many of his bandmembers, like Cootie Williams, became famous individually, as well as for being a member of Duke Ellington’s band.  Duke also had a special relationship with Billly Strahorn, the only person with whom he shared composer credits.  Billy Strahorn even composed Take The A Train, Duke Ellington’s theme song:

“He met Duke Ellington in December 1938, after an Ellington performance in Pittsburgh (he had first seen Ellington play in Pittsburgh in 1933). Here he first told, and then showed, the band leader how he would have arranged one of Duke’s own pieces. Ellington was impressed enough to invite other band members to hear Strayhorn. At the end of the visit, he arranged for Strayhorn to meet him when the band returned to New York. Strayhorn worked for Ellington for the next quarter century as an arranger, composer, occasional pianist” – Wikipedia

 Musical Excerpts introduced by Duke Ellington Himself:

  1. Duke Ellington/Billy Strahorn – Take the A Train (under intro)
  2. Duke Ellington/Count Basie – Battle Royal
  3. Vintage Radio Segue
  4. Duke Ellington/Louis Armstrong – It don’t mean a thing if It ain’t got that swing
  5. Duke Ellington – Wild Man
  6. Duke Ellington/Billy Strahorn – Such Sweet Thunder
  7. Duke Ellington – Creol Love Call
  8. Duke Ellington – Don’t get around much any more
  9. Duke Ellington – Satin Doll (ending)


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