Hacker Wars

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out
to get you.” – Joseph Heller, Catch 22


You would think that after many years in business I would live by the above quote by Joseph Heller…cross every T, Dot every I, read every contract and always assume the other party has a hidden agenda.   But that isn’t always the case.  Maybe I have become too trusting. Maybe I have become too careless.  There is
little chance that either is true, where I am concerned but occasionally I slip up.

Case in point.

Not long ago, after multiple attempts (all in vain) at registering one of the multiple copies of firewalls, virus checkers and malware checkers we use I simply threw my hands up and said those famous last
words…”I’ll do it later.”  One day becomes two.  Two weeks become three.  Then a month passes.  Before you know it I am living on borrowed time, perched on a virtual precipice, just waiting to be pushed over the brink.

This week that time was up.

Mind you, as busy as our various filters and checkers get I often wonder if those companies that produce the checkers aren’t the same people writing the viruses  and spam in the first place.  Whether this is the
case or not, that bane of human existence, the hacker, seem to get more ingenious all the time – their ever expanding arsenal finding ways to circumvent attempts to eradicate the offal that is the fruits of their labors.


And so the titanic battle began at 8:00 am…


Each attempt to replace the system software was thwarted by a counter move that corrupted the startup files.  Attempts to launch new virus software were thwarted by an already purchased site license that didn’t seem to work no matter what I attempted. Even an attempt to re-format the hard drive failed.
Minutes stretched into hours. Morning became afternoon and then evening.  Nothing seemed to work. Finally I decided to get out the big gun – requests for Divine Intervention.


It worked.


It took some time and much persistence to be sure.  Finally a breakthrough.  Then another…a network connection worked.  Programmers who diligently labor away, like so many virtual Sherlock Holmes’ identifying each new virus and producing an antidote, sent a program my way. The virtual wall went up, once again rebuilding the breach in the walled fortress that is my corner of the global village.


That was at 12:30 am the next day, and the battle was far
from over.

Even with the walls up, it was still necessary to root out each infiltrator.  Finally, as dawn of
the next day broke, I awoke to find the virtual spy versus spy (or spy versus hacker) paid off.  With the infiltrators identified, they where shredded and their remains tossed over our virtual walls.

John F. Kennedy once said that knowledge of the past prepares us for the events of the future. That being the case I have learned my lesson – never again.

See you online,

Julie Whitefeather


UPDATE:  Solve one problem only to discover another.  Having successfully isolated the computer from any and all intrusions it now seems that the graphics chip has gone out.   Unfortunately, this is a laptop we are talking about and not a desktop. With the desktop I could just get a new graphics card put in place.  With a laptop I have no idea how to replace the Nvidia 8400 m gs graphic chip.

2 Responses to Hacker Wars
  1. Taman
    June 27, 2012 | 12:58 pm

    That’s rough. After you replace your video chip, you may want to give the Linux operating system a shot. Since linux has such a small market share, hackers rarely write viruses for it. You can burn a dvd with a live copy of the OS and try it out without having to install anything. Google “Linux Mint”, as it is one of the most popular versions currently.

  2. Sr. Julie
    June 27, 2012 | 4:22 pm

    I may do just that. Thanks for the tip.


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