Absent Friends

absent friends

Chris, Ross, Courtney, R.J., Ronnie, Junko, Yuniko, Shawn, Michiko, Troy,  Nannette, Chris, Lisa, Chuck, Mike, Peg, Dave, Dorothy, Phil, John, Eric, Dang, Kit, Camille, Pete, Rose, Kay, Rosemary, Lance, Beverly, Cheryl, Cheryl, Jennie, Nievis, Mark, Julie, Helene, Jim, Emmy, Jeff, Mary-Ann and Anne –  all names of acquaintances.

Fran, Leeanne, Evelyn, Tyrone and Emma – these are names of “blizzard friends.”

Evelyn is one of my blizzard friends as well as the originator of the term.  Fran is wont to say “if you want to know if someone is really your friend, ask them to help you move.”  Yet in the list of acquaintances there is at least one person who helped me move to where I am now, and yet I almost never heard from again.

In the end I like the term blizzard friend better.

A blizzard friend is, of course, the polar opposite of a fair whether friend.  A blizzard friend is someone who you can call in time of need…even if the time of that need comes at 2:00 in the morning (Tyrone took the call).  A friend will help out when no one else will without a thought for what might be in it for them (Emma always  helped). A friend is someone you can surprise and they will be glad to see you. Many is the time  Fran and I spent having tea with Emma; and she was always happy to see us when we showed up on her doorstep.

A friend is someone who will not hold a grudge – to them a “donnybrook” is just a creek in Ireland.  There are many people whose path we cross who think they are God’s gift to mankind – a friend really is.

So it is when two of the five blizzard friends die in the space of a year and a half it is especially tragic; but certainly not for them.   We often heard the expression  they are in a better place at funerals.  No matter where Emma and Tyrone went, considering we all live in Illinois, it can’t help but be better.  After all, we are the state that is known the world over for having sent the last to governors to the slammer.

See you online,
Julie Whitefeather

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