Right On Target

Risky Business

Whenever we do The No Prisoners, No Mercy Podcast we are always honest about what we see.  When Age of Conan initially launched we were impressed – for the first 20 levels.  We not only said so, we did a min-series podcast for Online Gaming Radio.  But when then the proverbial other shoe dropped. When Funcom tried bring AoC back into the public eye after the first expansion my co-host and I gave it a chance and were disappointed. What is more we said so. We felt we owed it to our listeners to be honest even at the risk of alienating the community managers at Funcom who had been on our show. The whole thing left us with a bit of trepidation about Funcom products.

A Second Chance.

I was a bit wary about The Secret World at first, even when a game developer friend of ours recommended the game.  Even when I did decide to give the game a chance, initially at least, I felt like all I was doing was jumping on the latest bandwagon – and so far I am glad I did.

The fact of the matter is that where Age of Conan ran to low frame rates The Secret World has been running smoothly.  We played the game a great deal this weekend and have yet to encounter even one bug.  Put simply, so far the launch has been as smooth as a bunnies behind – and I have helped raise more than a few bunnies (more than 1200 at one point).

Turn the other cheek

We of all people should be willing to turn the other cheek. Fair is fair after all.  Now that the gents and ladies over at Funcom have had a smooth launch it should be shouted from the roof tops.

Yet there seem to be a few disgruntled journalists who are quick to latch on to anything negative.  When Funcom stocks took a dip recently I started to see journalists who were quick to put it in gamers’ faces and the game hasn’t even been out a week yet.  In this case I would dare say that the hole in the ceiling above the heads of those few journalists are because of jumping to conclusions.

Hope Springs Eternal

Now my two worries are the virtual tourists from games like Wow and reviewers who don’t give the game a chance. Now my eye is on what Funcom will do to keep people interested after the first 30 days – PvP? Raids? or perhaps something completely different.  Hope springs eternal.


See you online,

Julie Whitefeather

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