Freddy Beaumont is the main antagonist at one point in The Secret World.  More than that, he is a road block to continuing the main story line.  There reaches a point where you must defeat him or stop.  In my case he defeated my character’s but time and time again (but not before wearing it around as a  hat for awhile).

Fortunately Funcom made it possible to move ahead to the next part of the game (Egypt) and go back to that quest line later. If not, that would simply have  been the end of the game for me – set the box on a shelf and let it gather dust next to the “Half Life” series.  I reached a point in that game where I could not continue, could not find the solution and just had to quit playing.

In the end it seems that developers sometimes through up road blocks in a game, not just to increase the complexity of the game but try to place a stumbling block for the player in hopes of lengthening the life span of the game rather than include more content.

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