Service with a smile

This is GM Zypah.  GM Zypah may not be smiling in the picture, but I certainly was – when GM Zypah helped me my smile was a mile wide.

I was fighting wisps when I noticed a figure dressed in white with a blue beret next to me.  I assumed it was another player and fought on valiantly.  Then I  noticed that the mobs weren’t bothering said player in white. As I killed off the last whisp I moused over the avatar and saw the name.  THEN I noticed the red text addressed to me.  I didn’t expect it…

I didn’t expect to page a GM and have an actual GM show up in person; I haven’t experienced that since my Ultima Online days.  Having a GM show up in game was a nice touch then and it is just as nice now.

I didn’t expect the answer to come so swiftly. There are times in games like Eve Online where I have waited days and even weeks for an answer.  But an  answer in a few minutes? Wonderful.  An answer where all my in game problems where promptly solved?


What amazed me was that as players complained about the same quest that I had just completed with the help of GM Zypah not one of them thought to actually petition the problem.  GM Zypah had the power to make it all right again – albeit one player at a time as she admitted.  She waited patiently while the two problem quests were fixed.  And I should point out that in all this time playing THESE ARE THE ONLY TWO BUG I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN GAME.

So here’s to  you GM Zypah and Funcom.

What ever the problems may have been in Funcom in the past they are right on track now.  The Secret World is fun, involving and well done.  It is refreshing not to deal with elves or bunny rabbits dancing round with toilet paper, of for that matter somebody with a Tech 2 cruiser and a grudge.

See you online (in The Secret World)

Julie Whitefeather


2 Responses to Service with a smile
  1. Chris
    July 18, 2012 | 8:10 pm

    I can’t imagine why players feel that the GMs are anything less than unfailingly pleasant, competent, and officious in this game. I mean, the lead developer AND the producer post regularly on the forums, responding to customer compliments AND complaints. The single time I petitioned a GM, he/she responded within about half an hour, by which point I’d already solved the problem.

    And I have yet to find a quest bug that prevented me from proceeding. At most, I’ve zoned, or logged for a while, or switched to another mission and the “bug” has gone away. It seems to me that almost 100% (not all, as your article indicates) of the bugs in the game are due to server overload or player incompetence.

    Now, the very real issues with chat and sprint do need to be fixed. But even there the developers are going out of their way to post about the problems. All in all, I’m thoroughly enjoying the game, the community, and the devs.

  2. Sr. Julie
    July 18, 2012 | 10:33 pm

    First I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “.us” after any email address…where is it from? As I mentioned, whatever problems Age of Conan may have had they are not present in The Secret World. And even the whole chat problem has not bothered me that much.

    I am enjoying the game so much that I just hope it has legs to run past the first two months after release.

    Thanks for the respone. And thanks to you GM Zypah…you are the greatest.

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