The Home Team

I woke up this Sunday, expecting to walk the dogs, and then sit down with the paper and a cup of coffee. Instead I got a hideous surprise…we were out of coffee.  Perhaps my mind doesn’t work like everyone else’s…in fact I know it doesn’t. My first thought, after trying to figure out where the caffeine fix was going to come from, was of a scene from “The Hobbit.”  I  imagined the dwarves accompanied by Bilbo, traveling through Mirkwood, only to be awoken by a surprise.  Tolkein fans know what the surprise is (yuck).  Me? I imagined a far worse surprise -  no coffee. My only guess why I thought of the dwarves is that they are part of my home team.


The Home Team.


The guys in the picture above are part of my home team. Many players have what I call a “home game.” We have all seen it time and time again. A new game comes out and player flock to the game.  After the 30 day free period is up,  the numbers start to dwindle.  The term we have all heard is “virtual tourism.”  Blizzard executives and Mythic executives even had it out over the term.  If you recall, Blizzard claimed that Warhammer’s subscribers where just tourists from World of Warcraft – in the end it turns out Blizzard was right. Still, no matter where virtual tourists go to, no matter what the latest game that they are flocking to, they have to come from somewhere.  Many do indeed come from World of Warcraft.

But not me.

I come from Lord of the Rings Online.  That is my “home game.”  Periodically  I will go back to it and play my main character until it is a level or two from the current level cap.  I am not sure why; except, perhaps, that it leaves me with the feeling that there is always something to go back to. For now, at least, I am engrossed in The Secret World.  Meanwhile the home team, pictured above, will be able to take a well deserved coffee b reak…including my favorite dwarf warden named “Sleazy”.


See you online,

Julie Whitefeather



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