On the wagon

Funcom’s “Secret World” has been out for about a month now so it’s time for players to hop off one wagon and go running after the next one.  *flips calandar* Here at No Prisoners, No Mercy we set our calandar to the event – sure enough, one month after release.  Metacritic scores have gone up, quartersly reports have gone out,  stocks (and maybe subscription numbers) start to slide.

So what, you ask, exactly is wrong with The Secret World?

As for us here at No Prisoners, No Mercy we still don’t know what all the fuss is about…we think it’s a great game and we still subscribe. In fact we had originally intended not to play Guild Wars 2 at all.  But since it seems to be the talk of the town (for at least a month) we decided to ask Jessica Brown and Saylah from Mystic Worlds (both of whom have already played Guild Wars 2) to come talk about it.  In fact after we had recorded show 114 with them, they were so good they convinced our own Fran that this was all that they had promised.  At dinner that night she gifted me with an early birthday present – the collector’s edition to Guild Wars 2.

So watch all the cool kids run after the next bandwagon in the distance.   If you look  close enough you will see some lagging just a bit behind…

…thats me, running right along with them.

See you online,

Julie Whitefeathedr

One Response to On the wagon
  1. R.W. Harper
    August 16, 2012 | 1:04 pm

    GW2 will be a good game and I look forward to playing. For some reason I hit a “lack of interest” wall in The Secret World and not sure why. I am sure it’s the inherent technical vision I can’t help but look and play these games with. Even though TSW didn’t have as much slop as SWTOR, there were some design and technical things that turned me off.

    I suppose now that SWTOR is pushing me farther away with their “slop farm” technique of throwing together new (buggy) content, while not fixing old bugs and reintroducing even older bugs — it’s just a sign of a production Charlie Foxtrot in Bioware land.

    I played in the GW2 Beta and hope I will find something in release that will keep me interested in it. I know my co-workers are excited and I am sure we will have some fun times in the game. I look forward to listening to your discussions in #114.

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