She said, She said

Webmaster:  We have had several regular features on our show over the years were listeners and guests got into heated discussions about issues.  Even when people live in the same household, or co-host the same show, they don’t always see eye to eye.  So its time to get serious with a bit of “she said, she said.”

Religion and Politics

By Sister Julie

Nothing lights the torches and sends the villagers after you with pitchforks faster than a discussion of religion or politics.  Considering that we are nuns we can’t help but have the first base covered 24/7.  But throw the second half of the equation into the mix and you have an explosive combination. So it is that whenever election time rolls around the discussions across the breakfast table sometimes get so heated they could melt the fillings in your teeth. What sparked it this time was the day after the National Elections.  I got up in the wee hours of the night to use the bathroom and heard the following shouted up the stairs at me…

Satan won.

The first thought that struggled it’s way through my sleep hazed thoughts were to wonder how Satan won the National elections when he wasn’t even on the ballot. “Perhaps a write in candidate” I thought to myself.  Out loud I asked, “what do you mean ‘Satan won?’”   There being no reply I awaited the heated conversation that was sure to arrive later that morning, and until then would hang above my head like like proverbial Sword of Damocles.

Many people think they know what they would do in any given situation. But that’s just it – they THINK they know.  Quite some time ago someone tried to kill me.   I know what I would do in that situation and I am alive today because of it.  Likewise, I believe it is hard to know what any of us would do as President of the United States; but it sure is easy to imagine.  It is easy to guess why anyone would want the job of President of the United States.  Whatever that reason may really be, it certainly isn’t for the money.  The President of the United States gets paid far less than the average corporate CFO.  In the end, getting to the place where you can put your feet under the desk in the oval office is sure to involve a great deal of compromise.  So it is I tend to think of the president as “just this guy”.  No matter what his politics, some of which may sometime be unenlightened in my mind from time to time, I really don’t think Barak Obama  is the spawn of Satan.

As far as my feelings on the subject Sister Frances will discuss, the jury is still  out on some of it.  There is a scene in the movie Prophecy where the angel Simon (played by Eric Stolz) looks at the angle Gabriel (played by Christopher Walkin) and says “…sometimes you just have to obey.”   Chances are I will never be a victim of child abuse, carrying her own sibling.  I just don’t have the answer for situations like that. Perhaps one day The Almighty by whatever name will explain it to me face to face.  Until then I tend to think that Obama is just this guy…even if sometimes an unenlighted one.

 And that’s where Sister Julie’s comments end. On to Sister Frances. – webmaster

Satan Won…for now…

Sr. Julie and I have had quite the discussions this morning…after this election. I write the headline above because out of ALL the issues in this country that desperately need addressing, the BIGGEST of them all is legalized abortion…and Obama is the KING of Planned Parenthood (who are the absolute LEADERS of abortions in this country). Now that Obama has won, our taxpayer money will go to Planned Parenthood by the millions to fund abortions for women throughout this country. Our money will be spent to KILL babies. If you are FOR abortion, I ASK ONLY THIS…please watch these clips on YouTube…then come back and finish reading this post.

This is why I said what I did about Obama:

In a SINGLE act of legislation, Obama campaigned and got passed a Law to “free-up” abortions, under ANY circumstances, without any parental approval abortions up to the 9th month!

This one explains more why Obama is bad…and why I say “Satan won…for now”. Babies left to die in soiled linen closets, woman testified to Federal court about this, and Obama ignored her testimony:

This one is a clip from a film called, “Blood Money” an excellent film with 3 to 5 previous abortion providers, who have since changed to be pro-life. The whole movie is about 2 hours, the clip is just a small part of it, but very good, and gets to the heart of why even standard abortions are bad

Why is late stage abortion bad? Priests for life, explain late term abortions. A Pro-life OB GYN shows actual babies aborted this way. The doctor shows us exactly how the baby comes out! Graphic in nature:

“Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” (narrated by  Charlton Heston, but other than that, a good video-second half SHOWS IT LIKE IT TRULY IS-VERY GRAPHIC but completely accurate)

This last one is OLD…but if you really look at it, you can see what is happening…This is one of the first anti-abortion videos every produced. Done in the 80’s, the doctor who did the procedure never did another abortion again and became a pro-life advocate. Silent Scream-full length (30min)  The film is dated, but extremely accurate. Note the comments, a nurse who helps perform these abortions, states this is exactly what happens.


Now that you’ve hopefully seen all the video clips, you know why I said what I did in the headline. And with the new HHS mandate, Christian Hospitals will have to actually provide abortions even though it goes against the very foundation of our Christian beliefs (Tell me this isn’t a Spiritual Battle!). I have done quite a long novena for this election. In the last 4 days leading up to it, I sent out emails to many perpetual adoration chapels to sponsor a “3-day silent prayer vigil” for God’s will to be done in the elections and in the country. Now, this morning, I felt like God stomped on my heart, but I realize He didn’t because of this…we, as a country, need PURIFICATION. What does that mean, it means much more suffering by each and every man, woman, and child in the US! Because only with that suffering will we wake up enough to know that WE are NOT in charge of our lives, GOD IS. And only when we turn to Him “en masse” will we begin to see any kind of real change for good in this country. Obama’s crusade against life in the womb, is just more negative karma that is piling up against us as a country, to be played out in the near future. So, when the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, droughts, and floods start to plague us non-stop, you will know that we are finally paying the price for all the lives we silently stood by and allowed to be taken in the name of “convenience”.

I am a Buddhist, AND a Christian, so I really think ALL life is precious! Not just when it’s convenient or not! If you want to have a debate with me over this issue, let me know, I would love the challenge. I know that there are SO many issues that plague this country that Obama seemingly is trying to change, but know this; when life in the womb is respected AS LIFE, then God will greatly bless this country and many of the problems we now have will go away. If you doubt me, that’s fine, but it was told exactly that way to a visionary by Mother Mary and Jesus. So, I would think the Mother of God and the Son of God would know what they are saying…don’t you?

here is an excerpt of another message:

“Dear children, it is important that you realize that abortion is the key issue which is bringing about the demise of mankind. If abortion was defeated, the path of reconciliation between the heart of the world and God the Father would be laid bare. Then you would see wars cease, economies stabilize under righteous leadership, moral degeneration reversed, disease and famine greatly resolved and natural, as well as manmade disasters, lessen. For I tell you, evil begets evil. Remember, dear children, one Hail Mary said from the heart can stop wars, heal diseases, change hearts and bring victory of righteousness over evil. Therefore, I have come to mobilize an Army of Prayer – not just here, but around the world. I call it: ‘One Rosary A Day For Life’. This is your Heavenly Mother’s call to arms. Be united in this effort, dear children, as I call you to be. Jesus and I will help you spread ‘One Rosary a Day for Life’ around the world. You do not need anyone’s approval to pray or to evangelize prayer.You should encourage people from every part of the world to enlist in this ‘army’ of prayer. I am always your Mother, your support, your partner in all that is good; but this Army of Prayer must be spread quickly to be effective – and, so, it is My most precious and personal project. Make it known.” – Mother Mary

Sr. Julie especially does not like to talk about “religious” issues on our podcast, but I am becoming more and more open in that regard…when something is so blatantly wrong, how can I sit back and watch while innocent lives are being thrown away, literally IN THE GARBAGE CAN, every single day. I would NEVER do harm to any abortion doctor, nurse, practioner, or patient, or clinic, I am not a “fanatic” as the pro-choice people try to make pro-life people out to be. I simply want the truth to be KNOWN. The truth that has been systematically hidden from all women and men of this country. The truth that “a person is A PERSON, no matter how small” (Dr. Suess) and “for evil to succeed, good men need to do nothing. Silence NEVER helps the victim, only the victimizer. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” (said by a Nobel Peace Prize winner)

I look forward to hearing from those of you who feel differently than this…especially after viewing all the videos I’ve presented.

God Bless,
Sr. Frances
Sisters of Embracement

6 Responses to She said, She said
  1. Gnome
    November 8, 2012 | 8:08 pm

    Well there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of self professed Christians to remain neutral in regards to politics. It’s enough for you to have quoted a couple scriptures to explain your stand. But as soon as you back this or that person for office, your name is attached to all their policies. How do you feel about war for instance? Do you bless the troops at the same time Christian leaders are blessing troops on the opposite side? Do I need to post gruesome pics and videos to support how abhorrent the realities of war are? And as nuns, you identify yourself daily via your uniform that you are taking a stand for god and representing your religion as such. How does a church divided politically stand together at all when you are so divided due to the ugly decisiveness of politics?

  2. Chris
    November 8, 2012 | 10:17 pm

    I really don’t think it’s a problem for anyone to discuss any issue on their own terms, on their own show. So, really, if politics enter into a gaming podcast, so be it. Back when I played WoW I enjoyed your podcast, regardless of the topic.

    I must say, though, I am positively _overjoyed_ that women are taking back the right to determine what goes on with their own bodies.

    I accept that a positive birthrate is necessary in order to avoid our species’s extinction, and I acknowledge the happiness that newborns can bring to the world.

    However, I cannot ever agree that a woman, by sheer fact of being pregnant, somehow lacks the authority (moral or legal) to determine whether she will allow the creature growing inside of her, taking her nutrients, changing her body chemistry, to come to term.

    And while certain religions reject the notion of a woman’s right to choose, I, simultaneously, reject the notion that those religions get to dictate- on a national level, to a secular society- public policy.

    That’s why I find faulty the thinking that a “Christian hospital” should get to tell its patients- who are not exclusively Christian- what type of care they can and cannot receive.

    Yes, you have your freedom to be religious. However, women who make use of those medical facilities also have the right to be free FROM religion.

    And considering that “Christian hospitals” make use of public water systems, publicly-built electricity networks, receive a large number of government-funded grants and tax subsidies…no, your _public_ hospital does NOT get to decide what sort of health care it provides based on its parent organization’s _private_ religious beliefs.

    This is especially the case in many desperately poor areas of the US, where a hospital affiliated with a religious organization is the only health care option- and it is DOUBLY the case when the religious organization “converts” a formerly secular hospital and then feels that it has the right to restrict healthcare options.

    Thank you for allowing me to post here. I realize that my views are not in line with yours; I hope that I have, at the least, attempted to explain my reasoning respectfully.

  3. Webmaster
    November 9, 2012 | 6:40 am

    @ Gnome: The reason your comment didn’t get posted the first time is that I have not been back to the site since the first posting. All comments are on an “approval” basis for no other reason that we get hundreds of spam emails each week (advertisements).

    @Both: Since the comments seem directed at Fran I will let her know she has some email to answer. As far as the election results go I do know that Julie is happy with them. After all, they let her keep her job!

    Thanks for the comments and sorry for the delay.


  4. Sr. Julie
    November 9, 2012 | 6:53 am

    There are sometimes I just obey as I am not the superior in the order. I haven’t blessed any troops but I have been one of them. I am a veteran and was in Eighth Army. As far as unity of any particular church is concerned, this is one of the reasons we are an ecumenical order and not attached to any particular church. Ironically, even though I am a nun, organized religion has always rubbed me the wrong way.

    I may not always agree with Fran, but I am glad she is willing to stand up and voice her opinions and defend them…She has not always beem able to do that.

    I will pass on the message to Fran that she has comments waiting.


  5. moof
    November 9, 2012 | 8:30 am

    @Chris, by your reasoning, no one has a right to do anything with the water in their taps, the electricity in the outlet, etc. The VA has no right to say that the care they provide is meant for our veterans and their families? FYI, the freedom OF religion is what the constitution guarantees, not freedom from religion. The state (aka the gov’t) cannot mandate a religion, or raise one over others (which is why we shouldn’t treat defamation of Islam any different than we do defamation of Christianity). Neither should the gov’t punish any religion or religions, such as requiring Catholic enterprises to provide health care plans that include something that’s not essential for life and also against their beliefs (birth control). Not to mention, it costs $8 a month at CVS.

    I’m not going to address the rape angle, because only fools would argue that the situation should be treated the same as the situation presented following 2 adults making a decision they know carries the risk of pregnancy. Somewhere along the way, folks lost sight of 1) freedom doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility, 2) just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. The preventable situations are the ones we need to focus on, and if one finds themselves confronted with that, it’s time they took the responsibility to get the care they desire even if it’s not convenient. People, especially young ‘uns like I used to be, need to once again realize their actions have consequences.

    I do wonder if you support the ACA (in full) since if the church affiliated hospital should not be able to dictate care, do you believe that a gov’t board should be able to do the same? That is what will happen. You cannot provide health care for “all” the people (minus the 30 million who will remain uncovered by the ACA) and still provide all care options. It’s just not fiscally possible.

  6. Webmaster
    November 9, 2012 | 11:15 pm

    Well, I had this WHOLE long comment written and then I accidentally closed the window before posting it! Doh!

    So, here is the executive summary of that LONG post I made…it’s kind of in response to all the comments.

    All life is precious…especially human life, because human’s have souls, and souls are a part of God.

    Killing, FOR ANY REASON, is wrong…even capital punishment.

    A return to a more MORAL society is what is needed. The pill brought about more rampant sex and impurity. Rather than curb our own appetites for sex, they created Roe v. Wade to get rid of the unwanted consequences of rampant sex (namely unwanted pregnancies/babies). RAPE victims are just ONE (1) PERCENT of ALL abortions done in this country!! The people who produced the case of Roe v. Wade were only interested in the money that could be made from abortions. The woman “Roe” did NOT even know what she was signing, when she signed the document they brought into the courtroom. She said that “she NEVER saw the inside of ANY courtroom” and that she was just used as a pawn for the purpose of making money from abortions. (if you don’t believe me, look it up).

    GREED is the number one reason that most of us Americans are sick, and getting sicker…not our own greed, but the greed of the large corporations, who pollute, genetically modify, and create drugs, that harm us, harm our children, and even kill us, all for the almighty dollar!

    Every vice and avarice that humans can have, we now have in this country. And how happy are we? Really? The ONLY way that we, as a nation, will be able to get back to any semblance of happiness, is if we return to a more moralistic, God-focused society (or Higher Power focused society). We need to control our unruly appetites, and spend more time thinking of helping each other rather than ourselves. Ask anyone who does real charity work from their heart…they will tell you, they truly GET way more than they give!

    If you would like a truly sobering look at what all of our unruly spending/appetites have cost us, check out Porter Stansberry’s prediction on where the US is headed financially. Wow, if that doesn’t make you want to start praying, nothing will!! Even if he’s only partially right with his predictions, it still will be very difficult for us Americans in the not so distant future.

    The answer is this…turn back to God. Turn back to a more simple way of life. Buy what local farmers are selling, and ask for more organically grown foods (don’t mess around with nature). And most importantly, let go of selfish desires, and make the focus of our lives helping OTHERS…when we do that, we will be helping ourselves even more than we could imagine!
    Sr. Frances

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