No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 121 is Live

No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 121 is live. You can listen to it on, Itunes or here.

Welcome to Show 121,

It’s been so busy lately the only way to see above the paperwork is with a periscope.  We finally took enough time out to do another podcast.  Here are the topics for this week:

1. Steam punked

2. The smoking lantern is NOT lit!

3. Skyrim ends in a street brawl, and the Good Ship California

4. Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter Nights Online shall not be forgotten

5. Ralph Wrecks it and men with Iron Fists

6. The shine is off the GW2 Lilly

7. Old Hobbits die hard/Foresaken World

8. Courting the Angels

9. Star Ocean until the end of time 10. All Your Dreams are belong to Micky Mouse

See you online, Julie Whitefeather and Fran Kosac

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