How about them bears?


“How about them bears…”

The phrase became a long running joke in my family.  It started with my grandfather many years ago.  Granddad had a hate-on for the Chicago Bears. I don’t know why, nobody seemed to know, and if Grandpa did he never told anyone.  Be that as it may he dearly loved football.  There was a little sports bar in town that he frequented so much that the bartender had a sign above the bar labeling the place as granddad’s office.

His other passtime was betting on sports.

No not LasVegas or local casinos (which didn’t even exist at the time) – I mean just a bet between friends.  He claimed he kept track of it all in a “little black book” – young men had there version of a little black book and grandpa had his.   Grandma was asked now and then if she minded that Granddad bet on sports.  She would always reply that the house was paid for, the bills get paid, there is food in the cupboard and other than that, if it makes him happy its alright.

The thing about sports is that it has always bored me to tears.  Grandma used to talk about watching football so she could watch the players “run around their own end.”  Some claimed she just liked the tight butts in tight uniforms.  Whatever the case my sports talk threshold is just as low as actor Nathan Anderson’s.  So when someone sent us the picture above recently we could really identify.  Fortunately we know alot of people who like to talk about games…and listen about them…all of you.

See you online,

Julie Whitefeather and Fran Kosac

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