An arrow to the knee

This is Skyrim isn’t it?

Teenager:  Hey you. Ya you.

Maya:  Yes?

Teenager: You’re a vault hunter aren’t you?

Maya: Well yes I am. Why?

Teenager: I used to be a vault hunter like you, until I took a bullet to the knee.

(long pause)

Maya: …um….

Teenager:  Isn’t this Skyrim?

Maya:  No this is Borderlands 2 and you are in Sanctuary.

Teenager: Oh Crud. I’m supposed to be portraying a Whiterun guard in Skyrim today. Steam sent me to the wrong place again.

It was like a Wreck It Ralph  moment. There I was, playing Maya in Borderlands 2, walking through Sanctuary. On a lark I decided to talk to one of the citizens there.  The first thing the teenager says is “I used to be a vault hunter like you…”  Everyone who has ever played Skyrim has heard a similar complain by Whiterun guard make the same complain. Always complaining about having to taken an arrow to the knee…always.

This is one of my favorite “Easter Egg” moments in games.  Like the time the vendor in the Eastern Plaguelands in World of Warcraft told me he should have taken the red pill instead of the blue pill.  Or the time in Everquest II where a small hobbit…er….halfling on a dock has me search for his friend named Fritz on an island full of fairies and promptly complains “They killed Fritz. They’ve killed Fritz! They’ve killed Fritz! Those lousy stinking yellow fairies!”

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Julie Whitefeather


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  1. Tipa
    February 15, 2013 | 7:39 am

    Ah Wizards…. loved that movie.

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