No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 125 is live!


You can listen to it here on, or here, or on Itunes

O.K. it’s been out a day or two but we have spent the time since digging out of a good old fashioned midwestern blizzards.  Snow in the midwest are like teachers in university…there is alot of PHD’s…Pile it higher and Deeper as grandma used to say.

This time out we talk to Chris Dodson about a new mmo (or the sequal of an established mmo if you prefer): Planetside 2.  Chris proves to Fran and I that there is more to Planetside 2 than just an action packed first person shooter – and we have never laughed so hard.

As usual we try to introduce our listeners to some new music they may not have heard before by way of some musical segues/short clips.  We searched the internet and found two groups from Ireland called GMC (no not the automobile company), Scary Eire, and the Rubberbandits.  We are especially fond of GMC who is a musician and producer from Cork Ireland.  GMC’s song “home” had us listening to it over and over again.  Here is hoping he hits it big in America as well.

See you online,

Julie Whitefeather and Fran Kosac

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