Feel the love

When I left CCP had just laid off 20% of their staff world-wide. Their relationship with players had become as strained as Boy George opening for an Anita Bryant concert – and the corporation I once belonged to decided the solution to a year-long war dec was simply “waiting it out” (it didn’t work). I returned to find the founder of Hulkageddon permabanned, CCP pouring love in the direction of miners – All topped with a newly formed corporation whose combat pilots destroyed a billion isk in ships the last time anyone even breathed with words “War Dec” (and who can blame them).

What a difference a day makes…and a couple of years.

The time was I could log on in the evening, make my way out to a not-so-crowded asteroid field in a very much out of the way system and STILL find the asteroid fields stripped bare. Many are the times I would find myself floating in empty space in my exhumer wondering where all the asteroids went. The time was Eve Online seemed to have more ‘bots mining ore than it had players. I returned to find that CCP had declared war on those same bots (Updates to Team Security and the ongoing war on botting, CCP Stillman, March 15, 2013) It seems the rule at CCP is currently “Two strikes and you’re out”.

When I returned I flew out to those same asteroid fields at the same time of day, only to find them filled with happy miners enjoying themselves – and not a bot among them.  Looking around I found myself checking the http address to make sure I had logged in to the same game.

I also found some interesting change to the ships that are used to play the spaceways…

The Hulk that used to be the king of the asteroid fields now has not been relegated to the status of “an eggshell in space.”   To be sure, it still takes first place in production but now only finds its way into heavily guarded corporate mining operations.  It has been replaced by the new leader in solo mining, the much maligned Mackinaw which once was only seen in Ice Fields.  But what of the skiff? What of that small vessel with only place for one strip mining module?  Once used only for mining Mercoxit it now has taken on a new role. This little ship is now the behemoth that its bigger brothers and sisters which it could be.  It may be small but it now fits a BIG role.  I was delighted to find that the skiff now has the same defense of a battleship!

And that sound you hear?

Why that is the sound of those miners who fly a skiff laughing as the slowly saunter out of the asteroid fields once in habited by gankers.

Feel the love.

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