No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 129 is live!

Welcome to show 129!

This week the show is co-hosted by Tom Waits….ok sort of…kind of….oh heck you will hear what we mean. You can listen to the show here or on Itunes. The subject this week include Mars One, Defiance, EA and Agents of Shield.

Wait…who? Tom Waits!

The first time it happened I was in a Starbucks frequented by college students. I was waiting in line to pay and the college person in front of me starts complaining to her friends about “old lady purses”.  Then it happened.  She turned to me and said..


Mind you my purse wasn’t so large I could store the equipment for the Chicago Bears defensive line.  In fact it was the perfect size to fit into the front of my office filing cabinat and be locked there.  So it isn’t unheard of for me to talk about one of my favorite musicians and have someone younger than myself say “who?”  Its understandable, if not regretable when it’s someone like Duke Ellington or Count Basie.   And even I didn’t know who Robert Johnson was until I realize it was one of the people who’s music brought the Rolling Stones together.  Perhaps the saddest cut of all is when when I talk about Mick Jagger or Keith Richards and a college student says “Who?”

Waiting in the wings

More than once I have started talking about Tom Waits and been met with “who?” Sadly this response seems to come from people of all ages.  I often reply…

“You know he sort of has a voice like Joe Cocker.”

“Who?” comes the reponse.

“Sort of raspy like Janice Joplin” I say.

Often this too is met with a black stare.  So if you listen to show 129 you will have heard some brief sampling of Tom Waits.  It is our way of introducing you to a man whose voice has been described as sounding like “it wa soaked in a vat of  bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.”

Still, it is this same distinctive voice that sets Tom Waits apart from any other singer.  As a singer and songwriter his work has always seemed a bit hard to pin down for me.  The first time Fran heard “Hang On Saint Christopher” she thought it was acid rock (That was before I told her what the lyrics where about).  Yet if you listen to his “Nighthawks at the Diner” album (a title taken from Edward Hoppers famous picture entitled “Nighthawks” you will hear songs that sound like they belong in a 1940s jazz club.

There is no one quite like Tom Waits.

See you online,

Julie Whitefeather

Some of the topics for this week:

1. Never Sleep with your sister

2. Brother can you spare 6 Billion Dollars

3. Dust 514, Guildwars.

4. Defiance and Trion Worlds

5. Agents of Shield/Phil Coulson

6. Et Tu Amazon?

7. Oculus Rift

8. The bottom of the gaming barrel…how low can you go?

9. EA learns a lesson – Sims 4

10 Kill Bill – You’re already Dead Jim


Articles Discussed:


20,000 people have already applied for the one way mission to mars

Thousands want to take a one way trip to mars

Seven Minutes of Terror

Guild Wars goes automated

Layoffs at Defiance

Defiance Second Series Confirmed

Coulson, Cars, and (Maybe) Luke Cage: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s First Teaser Deconstructed

Amazon wants to make you pay sales tax

Spacewalk at the international space station from your couch

Oculus VR

Completely Tasteless Games

Sims 4 will not be always online

Shatner calls out Star Trek writers in hilarious Twitter exchange

William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a ‘pig’

JJ Abrams Interview

William Shatner responds to J.J. Abrams


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