The Burger Glutton 3000

When I first saw this I thought it must be April 1st!  This has to go down in history as one of the dumbest inventions ever to come out of any corporate office.  I can only assume that it was an attempt to try and get Americans to appear more ridiculous in the world’s eyes than we already do.  Imagine the streets of any major city around lunchtime, filled with busy executives talking on the telephone with a Burger King burger holder hanging around their collective necks.  Now when you finally stop laughing (it took us a while) you might have  another thought (we did).  We can only assume that the Burger King corporation is actually reaching out to the sector of burger eating public that only have paws – Boston Terriers!

Whether or not that is actually the case, before you literally “tie on the feed bag” (or in this case holder) go back to pictures of your great grandparents.  You know the ones – back before the invention of the automobile.  There in the background you will see a horse with a bag of oats tied around it’s head.  Now ask yourself if you want to be seen the same way.
So we have a suggestion for a new name for Burger King’s new invention….
The Burger Glutton 3000!
See you online (but never at Burger King)
Julie Whitefeather

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