(An actual letter I sent to Fran)

I know you fine folks at the National Security Agency are listening out there at the other end of the PRISM (

program so I thought I would send you a letter.  Not directly.  I figured the best way to send it to you was to let you have a bit of fun and “intercept it”.  After all, what is the fun of being one of the clandestine agencies of whom most people say “Who?” if you can’t enjoy it now and again.
You know the funny thing about all this is that if George W.  wanted to know what we all thought about him all he had to do was ask…or watch television. And just in case you missed it you might want to pass this Youtube video of Robin Williams talking about George W. (not his daddy) around the office. (
I know you fine folks at the NSA are probably getting alot of bad press these days.  But as my dear old grandma used to say “chin up buttercup” – Amercian Media has the attention span of a five year old on methaamphetamines. By this time next week the media will have moved on to more imporant issues like television shows about people who get married for money.  And after all its not your fault is it?  I mean the whole PRISM issue is like the story about the frog who gives the scorpion a ride across the river only to get stung half way across…it’s in your nature.
Just like America.  We have been involved in 11 major wars since the big one that created the place in the first place.  This includes, of course, a war over non-existant weapons of mass destruction in search for someone who wasn’t in the country in the first place.  And lets not forget Afghanistan – a war in a place that no one, going all the way back to the Romans,  has ever been able to win.
And I wouldn’t worry about not telling the entire country you were spying on us without asking.  After all, what is the whole point of a surveillance program if you have to tell the person you are watching ahead of time?  What is more, you guys owe yourselves a pat on the back (which I am sure you can reach as you have such a long reach anyway).  You have finally proven that life imitates art and not the other way around.  After all George Orwell would be proud.
See you online (in my email)
Julie Whitefeather

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