How I met my mother

I met my mother because of Star Trek

Like me you may have let all aspects of Star Trek simmer on the back burner (if not off the stove altogether).  Many is the time I have heard myself utter the words “steampunk is the new Klingon.”  No, this isn’t about the tabloid headlines “woman gives birth to own mother” – I am talking about the woman who saved my life in a very real sense…because of Star Trek.

On a side note, while steampunk may have become the new Klingon in some sense, the practical upshot of it all is more like the appliation of a slang term by one of the “cool kids” – by the time the rest of us use the phrase, I was told, the cool kids know its passe.

There was a time in my life when I had sunk lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut.  I came home to find a “Dear Julie” letter by an ex’ who left me for another woman named Julie.  By then my relatives were all dead and I found I had been hiding out from real friends (the measure of which I am told is whether or not they would help you move).  It was then that I came upon a slip of paper in the bottom of my wallet. On it was the name of a woman I had met briefly in a Star Trek fan club I had joined briefly – like the “isn’t that your turn you just missed” briefly.  I called the number and she put me in touch with the woman I now call “Sister Frances” (you may have come to know her in The Older Gamers as Feathana) or alternatively “Mom” (as in Mother Superior – which at the time she wasn’t).

I went for a visit. As I walked through the door I came face to face with the same woman I had met years ago in my brief stint as a Star Trek Fan girl.  I wanted a social club to belong to and tried to join a Star Trek fan club (in the end my ex would have none of it).  For a one week period the woman who is now my Mother Superior was their webmaster.  During this week I contacted her and met her for the first time at a benefit for Mothers Against Drunk Driving which was sponsored by the same Star Trek fan club.  She greated me at the benefit with a big smile and a warm welcome.

Years later, as I opened the door to her home there she was again.  Once again beaming a big smile at me.  She invited me in to her home and I have been there since.  That night she took my keys and insisted I stay the night.  Would I have done myself in over a broken marriage?  Really? Who knows.  This woman never gave me the chance.  In the end the only reason we met was Star Trek.  Many is the time now we laugh and say “God had to invent Star Trek so we can meet.”  In the end, my ex left me and took my dog on the way out this embodying the phrase “My ex left me and stole my dog – gee I miss that dog.”

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