Cubist Sunrise

So for me minecraft was always one of those games that was on the periphery of my games radar. It was something on the outskirts like Farmville (somewhere in the cybersphere my farm is full of rotting crops and overrun with wild animals). It was something that I saw in blogs occassionally when someone had recreated New York in Minecraft.

Last week it must have been very cold in more infernal regions because I thought about coming back to World of Warcraft. The pricepoint changed my mine. It was advertised online as $27.00 but in the store it was still $40.00. But there next to Mists of Pandaria was a card for minecraft. IT just happened to be the $27.00 I was prepared to pay (a bit less). I took it home and created a world (a phrase that would never have been uttered before MUD came along – thank you Dr. Bartle). I set it to survival mode, of course, because if there is one thing we love around here it is zombies; and as you may know survival mode is about surviving the nocturnal zombie apocalypse. Rapidly it became like the most addictive game ever created – Sid Meier’s Civilization series…

Me: “just one more turn”

Fran: “go to bed – please”

Me: “come on, just one more turn”

Fran: “You have been up for five days straight!”

So of course I always played Minecraft in Survival mode.  Then last week I became the victim of the working sick. One of the individuals who bring a gift that keeps on giving, often procured by way of a child home from school, who then promptly heads off to work…and spreads it around like the plague that swept throuh medieval Europe. Unfortunately what may have been a bad cold for the contributor quickly become more serious for the recipiant (me). Before long I was out for the count with a resipitory infection that hit my already asthmatic lungs like a sledge hammer.

So I now had some time on my hands. Time to be creative – creative mode. The much proclaimed purview of cubist creations the internet over. I set out for the virtual shores of The Older Gamer’s Frontier Server to try my hand at it. I was in creative mode for the first time. I wanted to find an out of the way place where I wouldn’t crowd anyone so I set out on a boat to find the edge of the map. I was boating along happily when all of a sudden my boat sank.  No those who are avid fans of Minecraft may wonder why I was boating in the first place.  Somehow it never occured to me that Markus Persson, creator of the game, would have had the common sense to turn off gravity.  It never occurred to me that those soar monolith versions of popular anime characters I was boating past could never be accomplished by someone who was constrained by Newton’s famous discovery.

So my boat sank. For whatever reason. I did what I did in survival mode – kept jumping in the water to stay afloat. When I hit the space key twice I started to rise into the sky. Suddenly it dawned on me…


And so I began to create a cubic home in the jungle and set back to watch a cubic sun rise over a cubic jungle.

Pablo Picasso would be proud.

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