Giant on the horizon

There something big on the horizon.

The sound of footsteps crashing through the global village is coming from Star Citzen, by Chris Roberts. Those of us who have been gaming since the PC-DOS days remember him from his days at Origin Systems where he brought us Wing Commander – the game he characterized as “World War II in space”. As time went on I spent many, many hours plying the same spaceways as Christopher Blair (Mark Hamill) and Paladin (John Rhys-Davies).

Why is it big?

If for no other reason than it tops all the other crowd funded games out there at a whopping total of thirty seven million and growing. In fact, The Older Gamers (TOG), to which we belong and talk about quite a bit on our show, has donated $45,000 plus from TOG alone. For me it is big because there is finally a viable alternative to Eve Online. While I don’t think anyone is supposing it to be an “Eve Killer” it will certainly be cause for a bit of consternation from CCP. Finally there is another player in the corner of the market that CCP has had to themselves for so long. If nothing else it will make CCP less complacent where their market is concerned.



See you online,
Julie Whitefeather

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