Seeing into the future

When I first read the news about Facebook purchasing Oculus Rift my reaction was much like Luke Plunkett at Kotaku…for 2 billion dollars, seriously?


Then I read it was purchased for $400 million and $.6 million in stock. The problem with stock is that it is like a quit claim deed – reading between the lines you see the words “value if any”.   My initial impression was that it felt like some person with more access to cash than common sense was buying the Mona Lisa to wallpaper a barn.   I instantly had visions of Facebook in virtual reality and all hopes of the application to videogames smashed like yesterdays dreams.  Is it because Facebook creeps me out like Markus Persson?  I will admit to being more of a Google Circles kind of a gal but that isn’t it.   It felt like someone such as Electronic Arts might be buying a promising startup just to kill it.

It has been said that Oculus Rift is the most promising new technology in the last fifty years (I am not sure by whom but it is a common sentiment).  The thing about any”promising new technology” is that when it does come out darn few people have access to it, simply because they can’t afford it.  Ask yourself how many pairs of Google Glass  you see at your local coffee shop?  Most people don’t have $1,500.00 chump change laying around for what basically amounts to a frivolous luxury as cool as it may seem.  In fact most new advances in technology are more like a needle in a haystack of new technology until it has been out for quite some time. How many electric cars do you see on the highway?  Are you planning on buying a trip to near space any time soon?  I will bet the answer to both is no. So fear not, buy the time Mark Zuckerberg manages to bring Oculus Rift down to an affordable level there will be many more alternatives – and if you are like us, you will be waiting until the price comes down to the point where you can pick one up at your corner store.


See you online,

Julie and Fran




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