So, anyone know of a good substitute for Adobe InDesign?

So, Adobe systems just announced that they will NO LONGER be producing any more software versions of Creative Suite 6. So, if you are a designer, graphic or web, and you own CS6…then that will be the LAST Adobe software, you will actually OWN any more. They want your money monthly, and they want it now…or later…either way, they will force you into it!!

There are a LOT of articles out there about the cons of Adobe doing this…and there are a number of them about the pros of Adobe doing this. I, for one, am FURIOUS!!! What people do NOT realize is that when they move to “the cloud” they will no longer own the software…AND what most people don’t know is that you won’t be able to open your documents whenever you need to without first logging into “the cloud”! What if there is no internet service? What if you just want to open an InDesign file to print it out? And based on this article from May 28, 2013, 93% of people were going to be looking for alternatives to Adobe’s software.

In that article, about 3/4ths of the way down the page, there is a graphic, it’s priceless…

WOW! So, with Adobe’s announcement earlier this week, that means that in LESS than one year, an “overwhelming” majority of the people in that 93% have changed their minds!! Because they said that they were going to a subscription base only because “there was an overwhelming positive response to the Creative Cloud subscription.”  I’d really like to see ALL those people they say have changed their minds!

In MY mind, the ONLY “overwhelming” motive for Adobe doing this is it gives them practically a license to print money….and LOTS of it.

I would like people who read this to please comment and send us emails as to any software they know that does what Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and especially InDesign does. Because I, like the other 93%, am looking for alternative software!

Maybe I’ll see you online, if it’s World of Warcraft!

Sr. Frances

Oh and, there is a petition on…so far…46,000 people want to own their own software, if you do too, please sign the petition. Thanks!


PS…here are some links to articles I found…take a glance, they are truly enlightening.



One Response to So, anyone know of a good substitute for Adobe InDesign?
  1. Saylah
    March 5, 2014 | 3:34 pm

    I’m glad that I don’t need it for professional use. PE9 is going to have to last me until Kingdom come! I already hated that I had to see adverts on a splash screen (Edit or Organize) every time I loaded my OWN copy.

    I won’t use cloud software period end of story. I don’t want to be required to have access to the internet to work on something that I should be able to do offline. Some ISPs, mine among them, haven’t implemented charging for bandwidth YET but have trial programs in place which means it is coming. Yep Comcast is trialing a program where they are tracking it and sharing the information with you but not actually charging you when you exceed what they consider “standard use” but only the naive don’t realize this is the precursor.

    Why should I pay double duty to use their products via monthly sub AND potentially increase my bandwidth consumption which someone will want extra many for as well. No thanks. If EA can be taken down a peg or two with their Sims City 5 “always online debacle”, I hope Adobe realizes they’re not too big to be shown the door either.

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