Hang on its going to be a bumpy ride

Hang on it’s going to be a bumpy ride…maybe.

So far the reception we have heard to Elder Scrolls Online while we are actually on line  has been positive.   More than once I we have read in chat “I am having a great time even with all the bugs.”  Every game has  some bugs on release, some more than others.   While the release (albeit early release) of Elder Scrolls Online has had a lot less bugs than an Orkin Man, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.  Still, anyone releasing a big triple-A game should be careful of uttering the following Words in the press:


“We will make sure that no matter where you live, every player in North America, Europe, Oceania, and many places beyond will have a polished, lag-free launch experience.”  - Matt Firor, Lead Developer, Zenimax, Elder Scrolls Online Promises ‘polished, lag free launch experience.’”

Words like these tend to fall into the category of “famous last words.”  Yesterday Elder Scrolls Online went down for an extended period for “maintenance.”   Problems reported by players included the following:

“Everything in my bank is gone/deleted while playing”

The system logging a player into someone else’s account…

and reports of a closed beta tester exploiting their way to level 50.


While those in the legal profession my say “this is only hearsay” being down for so many hours during early release doesn’t look good…especially when you promised it wouldn’t happen, and most especially while Zenimax is swimming against the stream and offering a subscription only game.  So we will keep playing (after all the game did come with the usual 30 days free game time) and see just how bumpy the ride will get. Who knows, maybe everything after the soft launch will be smooth sailing.

See you online

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