Screenshots or it didn’t happen

Not long ago on the forums there was a birth announcement by one of the  proud new fathers, followed of course by the requisite  ”screenshots or it didn’t happen.”  Lately around here we have been playing Minecraft, Starmade, Ascent the Space Game, Ark Survival Evolved and a smattering of World of Warcraft.  It has been a busy time lately with real life getting in the way of our gaming (who do we speak to about that?)   Not long ago our own Julie logged on to the TOG server for Ark Survival Evolved to find the sign above outside her compound – apparently she is taking in virtual laundry now. (Screenshots or it didn’t happen she was told).  Sadly we are told that an angry triceratops shattered the sign when Julie poked him in the butt, accidentally she claims, with an axe while out chopping wood (to which the dino promptly gave chase).  It turns out a sign make a poor barrier when you are running from an angry triceratops.

In the mean time we have been busy at work on our show.  Show 159 was impromptu around here when an article got Julie hopping mad.  Back to regular business on Show 160 with a bit of an irate Chris Dodson (our regular contributor) on a particular gaming issue (always a fun time).  We finished up recording show 161 this last weekend, with the main topic of discussion being pc gaming versus console gaming in preparation for our next guest (to be recorded next weekend) Rod Harper.

One Response to Screenshots or it didn’t happen
  1. The Omen
    July 15, 2015 | 9:16 pm

    Gee what sort of person would do that :D

    It cost me 60 wood to build that too lol

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