You can buy the pants but you have to wear them here

Customer: I would like to buy these pants please.
Clerk: That will be $29.95 please.
Customer: Here you go. May I have a plastic bag for my pants please?
Clerk: What for?
Customer: Pardon me?
Clerk: You can buy the pants but you can only wear them here.
Customer: Say what now?

What if buying pants were treated the same way Amazon treats customers when they buy videos?  If you buy a video from Amazon your digital copies proudly claim ” you own this video” in bold font.  If that is so, why cant I then  have a copy? Even if I buy a digital copy of a game from Steam I still get to keep it on my computer.  Yet Amazon no longer allows you to keep this product that you own.  Like the pants in the scene above, you can buy it but  you have to watch it there – they won’t let you load it onto your computer or keep a copy on a disk.  Purchasing an electronic copy  of a video from Amazon seems to amount to little more than a long term rental.
But the handwriting may be on the proverbial wall.  The main reason for even owning a Kindle over an android device was the ability to watch movies and download them.  That is no longer the singular purview of the of Amazon.  Since Netflix now allows it’s customers to download videos, more often than not I find my kindle gathering dust in the corner.  Prime content that Amazon asks customers to pay for piecemeal comes for one monthly price at Netflix – except for movies made about ten bunny rabbits dancing around with toliet paper and the like – those are always free at Amazon.

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