Early Release

In looking for a new home game I have considered Guild Wars 2:
However I considered some of the early release games that I have played that seem to have “early released” whose fan base seems to have come and gone before the game was finished:
7 Days to Die: Early release December 13, 2013 not fully released yet
DayZ: Early release December 16, 2013 not fully released yet
Rust: Early release December 11, 2013 not fully released yet
Starmade: Early release February 28, 2912 not fully released yet
And Ascent: the space game which went early release mid 2013 and finally struggled out of the game on February 27 of this year. A full list is here:
We have all seen games “early release and before the final release the audience has come and gone. Some games like Warhammer are just lauded to such a great extent by show man like Paul Barnett they could never live up to the expectations. It turns out (you can believe everything you read on the internet right?) that 10 percent of published games generate 90 percent of the revenue - 

Why do videogames fail?
Whether it’s the case of indie games

or predicitions that the videogame industry is about to fail  circa 2013…still here isn’t it?

If nothing else, the sun will  finally explode explode in about 4 to 5 billion years so by then the predictions will finally come true.

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