There seems to be am avalanche of early access games.  Perhaps it is simply a matter of one developer or publisher seeing the success of another and wanting to duplicate it.  played Starmade yesterday  - Yes I spelled the name incorrectly to catch someone’s eye, much like you see along the highway.  As I found my place in the virtual galaxy, having already had difficulty finding an active server, I thought about what Dr. Richard Bartle said of World of Warcraft.  He once caught more than little hell for saying he would get rid of it if he could.  Considering how unreasonably high that Blizzard set expectations in terms of profitability and subscriber numbers at the time I would do the same.  And now, with the many early access games ruining it for other great games like Starmade, I would get rid of many of the early access games if I could.

See you online,

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team.


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