Griefers Adrift

“The exploration and ship building aspect of this game are near top-notch. Since every island is designed by a player they each have their own unique design and fun things to find on them, which in my opinion is much more interesting than something randomly generated. And with shipbuilding you and your friends can build a wide variety of different ships to meet your challenges head on!
However, after a while of playing, I’ve found that dealing with griefers is near impossible, and not at all balanced or interesting for the receiving end. You can spend hours of work putting together a ship, just for a couple of people to glide in  (gliders are a near-end game item btw, and vets can take them into beginner areas) and drop time bombs all over your engineer, and blow up your ship for no gain at all, just for the hell of it.” – Sen Evason on Steam writing about Worlds Adrift


At first it was just something floating around the periphery of our news feed – a vlog by one of the less read amoung our subcriptions.  Then I noticed a picture of a ship floating in the air that looked like it was straight of the the classic film “Master of the World” .

That was what gave me cause to look into the game.

Floating ships sailing through the skies in an open world, sandbox style game that consisted of floating player made islands.  Not an original concept to be sure as any player of the minecraft version called Skywars can attest to – but a very interesting one. At first I was excited about this game.

Then I dug a little deeper and read the quote above in a review by one of the early access players. What crossed my mind at this point was the ill-fated game called Starmade, that has been in “early access” so long that community interest has come and gone as it now readies itself to crawl into full release – as less than a hundred people are left  on an average day in it’s multiplayer version of the game. To be sure part of the mass exodus of this “Minecraft in space” game is because other developers have done it better, Space Engineers among them. For me what nailed the coffin shut are that last few griefers preying on each new player as they come straggling into a game long bereft of regular players. With no PVE planned for Worlds Adrift and veteran players swooping down on unsuspecting beginners it seems like the game is already flying at mach 1 toward the future that Starmade is experiencing now.

But to be fair let’s see what the devs can do once it gets out of closed beta.  But what really has me riled up is the monetization of the game.

It wasn’t long before I caught a glimps of the words “founders pack”. Visions of Everquest Next Landmark began to dance in my head . It was not that long ago that then Sony Online Entertainment was selling founders packs that guaranteed access to their next latest, greatest place to be in the virtual realms.

Now not only is the Everquest Landmark long ago, but even the company that made it is no more,  Sony Corporation dropped Sony Online Entertainment, selling it off to a private equity group that renamed it Daybreak Game Company.  Lets hope you didn’t spend to much on those founders pack and that whenever you see the words “founders pack” again you run away fast, or at least eye the person selling them like a vendor selling a “sure thing” out of the trunk of an old chevy in a dark alley.



See you online,

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team.

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