The sad truth

In a sad twist to a tragic turn of events the governor of Kentucky  is blaming violent videogames for the school shootings in Parkland Florida. Of course he would have the public believe it had nothing to do with the fact that an 18 year old teenager, who is not yet old enough to drink alcohol in the majority of the United States is somehow old enough to by an AR15.  For those unacquainted with this particular firearm, it is the civilian equivalent of an M-16, the firearm the United States Army has used for so long.  As a veteran the U.S. Army one thing is clear.  An AR15/M16 has one use – killing people.  It is not a hunting weapon, unless you are intent on killing an entire herd of deer at once.  And yet the same state says an 18 year old is too young to buy a pistol.

There being no empirical evidence for the governor’s statements, the easiest scapegoat, is found by politicians who are “all mouth and no trousers” as the adage goes.


So after each school shooting that has become a tragic, yet all too regular occurrence (and here let me point out that even occurring once is obviously too often) political pundits  hop on an easily mounted bandwagon in a bid for more attention and votes rather than taking any real action.  For all the outrage by politicians, those who are able to take action, little or nothing is ever done.  So the governor of a state that has not laws governing the sale of assault rifles, a state which does not require a permit to purchase any type of firearm blames video games for this tragedy.


But wait, it appears that the governor feels that the United States has “lost it’s moral compass”.  Well he has me there but there is one problem.  That is still the same tired rhetoric used by ever other politician instead of addressing anything resembling a real issue. Want a suggestion?  How did Australia stop mass shootings?   Here is a hint: After the passage of gun laws their hasn’t been a mass shooting in Australia in 20 years.  Making it much more difficult to obtain firearms unreasonable?  How about this one. The F.B.I. was warned about the shooter in advance .  Now the governor of Florida is calling for the director of the FBI to resign, and that isn’t going to solve anything – with the exception of finding another “scape goat”.  More productive is discovering why the internal workings of the F.B.I. failed to heed the warning and take action.  What if the failure of the FBI is simply a matter of being understaffed?  What then? More to the point would be for us all to ask why more teachers are not offered training in mental health to address the causes rather than the symptoms.  Perhaps the time comes when we should ask ourselves as a nation why we are willing to spend $8.5 million dollars on an M1/A2 SEP Abrams tank and $250 million dollars on an  f22 Raptor fighter jet yet somehow  do not fined a way to spend enough on the institutions and teachers who are the guardians of the countries future.


Perhaps we should let the survivors speak for themselves and see what they say


The sad truth, however, is that no matter what happens in this life, nothing can stop an individual if they are determined to trade their life for yours – but we can at least make it much more difficult.

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