About NPNM

Who are we? Nuns AND gamers??!!

We’re nuns and we game…what of it?

A little bit about each of us…

Sr. Julie Whitefeather  SrJulie

I guess I’m a “hip” middle aged broad who can hip-hop, be-bop, game til’ I drop and yo yo yo drink a lotta Joe (coffee.) My favorite line, “once you roll Troll, you never re-roll!” Have fun gaming, see you online, write me!



Sr. Frances   SrFran
Well there is more to me than what I can write here. Just go to the Sisters of Embracement website and you can read all about us, and see some of the different faiths we champion. I am what you would call a “non-gamer” gamer. I have played EQ2, for a bit, Warhammer for a bit, Hellgate London, for a bit, and I mostly play WoW now, that’s about it, but I did play “Tomb Raider 4″ on console, and I used to have a Mac, and way back when, I have played Myst on that platform. I remember I spent every waking moment of 2 solid weeks playing Myst trying to solve the mystery and get to the end…WHAT A DISSAPPOINTMENT THAT WAS! If you played Myst, let me know about your experiences.  Also, if you play WoW, let me know your experiences there too…email me!


 But who are “The Sisters of Embracement” ?

The Sisters of Embracement, women dedicated to living our respective faiths deeply and devotedly being a living example of love, peace, and harmony to all the world. Our Sisters are dedicated to love, honor and respect all life and all people — regardless of their religious or non-religious practices. Our mission is to bring together in harmony those faiths that have a belief in An All-Enlightened Being/God or Truth. To show by our love and actions that This Being/God is The Motivating Force of our lives, our love, and our altruism. Living deeply our individual faiths we will show each other and the world that our various faiths are truly One Great Wisdom coming from One Great God Who is worshipped under Many Names: Tanka Shila Wanken Tanken, Grandfather Great Spirit, Brahman, Siva, Ganesh, Allah, Buddha, Yaweh, Abba, etc.We love and respect all those who choose to practice a faith with no All-Enlightened Being/God, or who choose to believe in nothing. We hope that by our faith, our love, our lives, and our stories we will inspire those who have no faith in Buddha, Brahman, Ganesh, Allah, Yaweh, Tanka Shila Wanken Tanken, Abba, or Truth, to explore one of these True Paths to The Enlightened One and see what love and miracles can fill their lives and hearts. We sisters love you all, please come and feel The Good Energy of The Enlightened One, Tanka Shila Wankan Tanken, Buddha, Alla, Brahman, Truth, Yaweh, Grandfather Great Spirit, Gichi Manitu and many other Sides of Our Infinite God.