Call Me Inktomi


Call me Inktomi. In my homeland I was a princess, thousands lived and died at my command. Okay, maybe not a princess, but all the same… thousands lived and died at my command. Alright, alright I wasn’t a princess, nobody lived and died at my command but I was definitely, DEFINITELY well thought of. Ok. Nobody ever heard of me. None of it is true. But one thing IS true. Where I come from, Burn Ham Harbor, in a land called Chee-ca-go, there is an expression:

Gartok Si Viveret Ad Remum Dareris…

“If Gartok were alive today you would be chained to an oar.”

Who is Inktomi? For starters its a Lakota word meaning “spider” – a creature that, like the main character in the story (a goblin of the same name) is often misundestood – and some times understood all too well.

This is a novel that was started some years ago and has been published using many settings, in many electronic forms.  Most notably parts of it have been published on, and  It has been set in places like Vanguard, World of Warcraft as well as a fictional place of my own creation.  Now, as you will see, it is set in a place that while recognizeable, has changed drastically.

An early version of Inktomi

Color me green baby
Run, you won’t get far
Don’t try to be mean, darling
I know where you are
Come over here, you’re on my chart
I know where you are from

Call me Inktomi,
Call me what you will,
Call me, still you won’t know me
Call me for a Thrill
Call me

(With apologies to Blondie)


A later version of Inktomi

A later version of Inktomi


Call me Inktomi